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the zinc tank

Why do I get variation in the colour of galvanized steel?

Specifiers and end users often anticipate that batch hot dip galvanized steel will have a uniform bright colour and appearance. In practice (…) some variation in coating appearance might occur.

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We have recently launched ‘the zinc tank’, where we will inform you about the latest technical insights into the process, performance and the many uses of galvanized steel.

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More Mews Private Outdoors Sanya Polescu

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Sanya Polescuk Architects

The small footprint is matched by a small developmental impact; a new building has been reassembled from the old parts of the original building. The walls have been augmented with breathable insulation and the roof has been decked out with solar cells.

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Hot dip galvanizing corrosion map

This map provides data for the atmospheric corrosion rate of hot dip galvanizing. Search for a location and hover over the 10 km grid to obtain the corrosion rate. The map legend can be used to find the average life of an 85 µm coating within the area.

Corrosion rate key
Average Corrosion Rate(µm/year) 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5
Average Life of 85µm galvanized coating(years) 170 85 57 43 34

Average background corrosion rates for zinc. Each grid square is 10km².