Presentation: Corrosion Protection of Steel CPD

Building CPD

Our main building CPD presentation, Corrosion Protection of Steel by Hot Dip Galvanizing, is intended for architects and engineers and gives an overview of galvanizing.

Duration: The presentation is 45 minutes long

The building CPD presentation will cover:
* Introduction to hot dip galvanizing
* The galvanizing process
* Coating characteristics
* Performance
* Designing for the process
* Case studies
Building CPD Testimonial
What architects and engineers say about our building CPD:

We’ve received excellent feedback from our RIBA CPD presentations:
Online Construction CPD“Very knowledgeable presenter. The presentation was just the right length to keep our interest”.
John Murawski: MRA Architecture

“Very informative and to the point(s)! Covered all areas well and answered most questions I had before I had a chance to ask!”.
Patrick Clarke: Lilly Lewarne Practice

“The presenter provided a superb seminar, which was very well received by our staff.”
Graham Page: Pick Everard

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“Iqbal Johal of Galvanizers Association gave a brilliant CPD on galvanizing. In his own silken-tongued way, he managed to make a prosaic technology shine”.

Mark Taylor: Allies and Morrison

“Galvanizers Association gave a well-presented and professional CPD that really brought the subject to life. It was engaging for all the right reasons”.

Chris Hartiss: Squire and Partners