Galvanizing over the years

Case histories

Proven performance is an important element of the decision making process for specification within the construction process.

With its long history of use dating back to the 1840’s – galvanized corrugated sheet used for warehousing in London Docks – corrosion protection of steel by hot dip galvanizing has a long proven record. In order to further categorise and record its more recent historical record we have embarked on creating a new archive of projects that will be updated regularly.

This will feature a broad range of projects, locations and encompass details from coating thickness measurements to coating aesthetics.

Project Location Construction
Environment Additional Information Estimated
Coating life (yrs)
Brunel St Car Park Birmingham, England 1988 Urban, inland City centre, high traffic 50+
Cedar Brook Dublin, Ireland 2003 Urban inland 60+*
Flood Façade Sollengen, Germany 2005 Urban inland 60*
Glucksman Gallery Cork, Ireland 2004 Urban inland 55*
Heavy Horse Glasgow, Scotland 1997 Urban, inland near to motorway 70*
Lydlinch Bridge Dorset, England 1942 Rural flood water, deicing salts 120*
Jubilee Campus Nottingham University, England 1999 Urban, inland 50*
Railway Hut Sankt Ottilien, Bavaria 1898 Urban, inland 100*
Ehzer Bridge Almen, Netherlands 1945 Urban, inland 100*
Cork Civic Cork, Ireland 1930 Urban, inland 60*

*based on measured coating thicknesses