West Country Blacksmiths

Courthouse Mews

West Country Blacksmiths designed and made the metalwork required for the development of the former Courthouse and Market Place buildings into retirements apartments in the centre of Somerton.

The project required a fully automated gate within a decorative archway, over 53 m of wall top railings, six Juliette balconies, two handrails, balcony railings with decoratively forged backstays and a bench.

The blacksmiths were tasked with producing the required metalwork to a set budget, which was decorative and included details of an organic nature, made to a high quality with a low maintenance finish.

A fully galvanized finish which has been antique acid etched and oiled was chosen to offer a characterful long lasting finish. The leaf on the metalwork were highlighted with a copper tint, with some details on the front face of the gates highlighted with gold, brass and copper highlights.

The blacksmith used a range of skills and procedures to produce the metalwork including laser scanning and Cad designing, CNC profiling, forge work and high quality fabrication.

Photography © West Country Blacksmiths.