Paul Archer Design

Heaven Tree House

The original house is part of a curving row of terraces built just after the millennium. As such, all the houses have a footprint that is narrow at the front and wider to the back. Each house in the row has its own mono pitch roof – giving the terrace a ‘sawtooth’ profile. 

Paul Archer Design’s extension is designed to take full advantage of these geometries. With all the lines of the walls converging you get some interesting false perspectives. We have thus deliberately twisted our new extension to take advantage of these interesting visual twists. The canopy twists on plan – and it has a flat roof. But when standing in the garden, the front edge of the canopy appears to follow the line of the pitched roof of the original building beyond. 

 The design is all about the canopy. Made of galvanized steel grating, it hides the glass frames, the thickness of wall and roof, and gives shade to the south – facing garden plus privacy from neighbouring gardens. The galvanized steel has a lightness to it, making very thin profiles not achievable in any other material.

 The interior is laid out to promote the view out to the garden. The front entrance area was reorganized – pushing the utility to one side and opening up with a big sliding panel to the main family space. The kitchen is a linear design, giving uninterrupted views across the garden. 

Images © Will Pryce

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