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The Big One Roller Coaster in Blackpool

The “The Pepsi Max Big One” roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has already been featured in the Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine in September 1994 and was a worthy runner-up for the Construction Award.

However, the introduction of a new category to emphasise the benefits of an organic coating on top of a galvanized coating has brought this remarkable structure back to our attention once more. In many instances duplex systems are used in order to add colour to a structure and the benefit of longer life for both coatings is a secondary consideration.

The Big One Roller Coaster

In the case of the ‘The Pepsi Max Big One” however, its position beside a wind swept beach and being 18 storeys high meant that added protection and low maintenance bills were as important as its vivid fairground colours.

Pepsi Max Roller Coaster The comprehensive three coat paint system, which was developed especially to go on top of galvanized steel, is most impressive at night when it is floodlit.

Vivid reds, whites and blues are highlighted against the black sky as the yellow cars rise and then swoop down again along the 1.6 km track.

The protection for the steel is such that even in this aggressive situation it should not need maintenance for at least fifteen years.

The Big One Roller Coaster
Images © Allott and Lomax

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