Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards 2022 are open for entry. After having been held virtually at the start of the pandemic and after a brief hiatus in 2021, the awards are back and Galvanizers Association are excited to hold the lunchtime event at the traditional London venue, the Royal Aeronautical Society in July this year. Judges will award the innovative use of hot dip galvanizing across six categories: Galvanizing in Architecture Award, Galvanizing in Engineering Award, Galvanizing in Detail , Sustainable Galvanizing (Sustainability Awards) and the Duplex  Systems Award, plus the Galvanizing in Art Award.

Marketing Manager Iqbal Johal believes the 2022 awards will be a chance to showcase the sector’s creativity and resilience but is also an opportunity to reflect a growing understanding of sustainability:

“Apart from ongoing challenges with supply chains, UK and Irish Construction have bounced back fairly well from the pandemic. However, the sector now finds itself operating in very different conditions. Whilst the balance sheet appears healthy, promises around public spending are not iron clad and in addition, the sector finds itself being asked to find solutions to the demands of green growth and climate change. So, much has changed and there is a very different context to this year’s awards.”

“At Galvanizers Association, we believe that the current environment, whilst being hugely challenging, will bring about largescale innovation. We anticipate projects offering up new ways to use our buildings and public spaces, with designs that embrace the circular economy, keep precious resources in use and which prize longevity. For a number of years now, we have promoted the sustainable use of galvanized steel, we look forward to seeing how the construction community is harnessing the manifold benefits of galvanized steel to meet the challenging needs of our time.”

Galvanizing Awards 2022

The GAGAs are open to all within the construction supply chain within the UK and Ireland, from clients, architects, engineers, to contractors and fabricators. Artists and craftspeople at all stages of their career are also invited to enter.

Entries must be submitted by 29th April and require just a short project description and photographs. Any new building, refurbishment or art project completed after 1st January 2020 is eligible. Further details can be found at For more information, please contact Iqbal Johal at:

Posted by Galvanizers Association on 2nd February 2022

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