Architect: Architectkidd

Image: WWorkspace, Panoramic Studio

Rhythmic Lines

Megapark, Thailand

Megapark is a recreational and retail centre for a shopping complex in Bangkok. It is hoped that the architectural concept will almost act as green scaffolding. The structure can accommodate vertical vegetation, and together with the planting and landscape design, forms an environmental filter between the interior and exterior spaces. The design allows for daylight and natural ventilation to permeate the building within a tropical climate.

Architectkidd’s design consists of an elevated platform that connects the shopping centre and the exterior landscape. The architectural form acts as a conduit as well as a public space that interacts with both outdoor areas and indoor spaces. The architects worked in collaboration with landscape architects Landscape Collaboration.

Megapark Architectkidd Thailand

Megapark  ArchitectkiddThe main material used throughout the project consists of 20 cm x 20 cm galvanized steel columns that are spaced 1-metre apart. The steel columns provide structural support for walkways and canopy systems. With the repetitive spacing, the goal was to avoid typical large-scale construction grids and systems needed for commercial buildings in order to provide a lighter touch.

The use of steel was informed by local footbridges and pedestrian infrastructure found in Bangkok. Architectkidd and structural designers Aurecon transformed this precedent into an open framework and an integrated architectural and structural system to accommodate public activities and programs.

The program introduces communal facilities, park, shopping and recreational areas across three levels to the existing shopping centre. The challenge was to transform a formerly closed commercial space into a more extroverted one for the community.

The steel frames create a natural rhythm of their own, with widths and heights of the frames gradually changing in a way that ebbs and flows throughout the site. The result is a new public presence that is coherent without being imposing. Instead, a fluid and natural architectural approach is created that provides for more intimate spaces on a human scale.

It has been over 10 years since the original shopping centre was built housing the first IKEA in Thailand. Since then the retail and urban environment in South East Asia have evolved significantly. Architectkidd’s design brings a vision of change to the shopping centre model as well as an opportunity to experiment with new approaches combining commercial interests with that of the local community.

Megapark Architectkidd


1 | It is hoped that the architectural concept will almost act as green scaffolding

 2+3 | The painted galvanized steel columns provide structural support for all the walkways and canopy systems

Architect: Architectkidd

Image: WWorkspace, Panoramic Studio

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Galvanizers Association

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