Almere Windhinders, The Netherlands

Duplex Award Winner

Steel CanopiesAlmere is the Netherland’s newest city, located alongside a lake and sits raised above surrounding ground level as part of the city master plan. Due to it’s proximity to the lake and the particular concentration of tall buildings a wind tunnel effect was deterring residents and customers away from the main shopping mall.
A series of canopy structures were built to bring conditions to an acceptable level for residents. The wind tunnel tested canopies have reduced measured gust speeds by as much as 50% in cri­tical areas.

The resulting, carefully detailed steel canopies are an elegant solution, structures pared down to a minimal composition of tapered columns, gutter beams and frameless glass. They are unobtrusive, easily maintained and integrated into the cityscape, elegantly creating calm spaces.

This steel frame canopy was entered as a project for the Galvanizing Awards and won the award for duplex systems in 2016.

Architect: DunnettCraven

Image: James Newton and Alejandro Menendez

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Galvanizers Association

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