Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine Issue 4 2016


Should it matter that Hot Dip Galvanizing magazine has been in print for 25 years? Are you bothered?

Let’s hope you are!

It should matter in that we aim to provide an interesting amalgam of the new, the old and the technical to boot.

Our built environment plays a crucial role within our daily lives and the quality, relevance and performance of what is constructed and how it is built should be of concern to us all.

We have profiled projects from across the globe including; Hawaii, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Australia. With a circulation that extends to many of the aforementioned, we have been told that HDG is “one of the best trade magazines going”.

Within our own niche we hope to continue to enlighten, intrigue and challenge you for another 25 years.

Thank you for your continued support.

GAGA Awards 2017

Galvanizers Association has been recognising the innovative use of galvanized steel by architects, engineers and constructors for over 20 years with its Galvanizing Awards competition.

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Kuntsmuseum, Basel, Switzerland

The new extension to the Kunstmuseum in Basel, Switzerland combines the use of many textured materials; marble, scraped plaster, galvanized steel and grey concrete.

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Pedestrian footbridge over the Elbe in Jaroměř, Czech Republic

Built in 1886, the old Comenius bridge over the Elbe in the Czech town of Jaroměř provided a link between the market sqaure and the south bank of the Elbe.

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