Know your Microns - Galvanized Steel Coating Thickness

Posted on 23rd March 2022

It is astonishing to think that a coating, just thicker than a sheet of A4 paper, can protect a stee...


GAGA 2022 time

Posted on 2nd February 2022

After having been held virtually at the start of the pandemic and after a brief hiatus in 2021, the ...


RIBAJ Design Competition: Wanderer's Wonder

Posted on 1st October 2021

Wanderer’s Wonder is a new competition brought to you by RIBA Journal and Galvanizers Association th...

End of Steel Life Cycle, what Next?

Posted on 4th August 2021

In an ideal circular world, components are kept in a continued cycle of perpetual use, reused for un...

Remake, Repurpose, Reinvent

Posted on 29th July 2021

Adaptable building is the key to circular construction. Decarbonising our future will involve design...

A Warehouse of Parts

Posted on 23rd July 2021

Steel is a highly efficient material and, once galvanized, is ideally suited to the construction of durable and reusable structures. Galvanizers Assoc...


Reducing Whole Life Carbon Footprint by Avoiding Maintenance

Posted on 16th July 2021

According to the UK Green Building Council “depending on bui...


Durable Materials and Sustainable Growth

Posted on 2nd July 2021

According to Gov.UK, the UK construction sector is undergoing one of the biggest periods of expansio...


Understanding the Hierarchy

Posted on 28th June 2021

The challenge of sustainable construction in the face of climate change has acquired a new urgency i...


Galvanizing for a Circular Transition

Posted on 23rd June 2021

Within Europe the construction sector accounts for 50% of material, 50% of total energy use and 33% ...