RIBAJWanderer’s Wonder is a new competition brought to you by RIBA Journal and Galvanizers Association that invites proposals for a fun and playful building or structure for rest and recuperation that would enhance a walk in the great outdoors – rural or urban, near to home or far, to spend a few minutes or a stay overnight.

Designs can include any imagined facilities, the only criteria is that the building must use galvanized steel, ideally structurally and aesthetically. Sustainability and reuse are fundamental to the brief and proposals should fit into a circular economy ideology by taking advantage of galvanized steel’s attributes.

The building or structure should be light-footed, modular, demountable and movable to new locations. It will be imbued with possibility of having multiple life cycles and of being reconfigured entirely, responding to the climate emergency.

A platform that enables a better vantage point? An information kiosk to guide your walks further? A reinvention of the Scottish bothy? Or maybe a refuge of a different kind on the seashore? Anything goes so long as it’s wonderful and brings out the beauty of its environment. Share with us your Wanderer’s Wonder and you could win £1,000.

Open to:
Qualified Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 architectural students and architects in UK and Ireland.

Deadline for submissions:
Monday 15th November 2021, 2pm

More information and full entry requirements:


First prize is £1,000. Three commended prizes of £250. Shortlisted entries will be notified in writing, with winners announced in the RIBA Journal February 2022 print issue and on ribaj.com. No correspondence will be entered into by the organisers or judges regarding entries and final decisions.

Posted by Galvanizers Association on 1st October 2021

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