Galvanizers Association has educated and informed professionals within the construction industry via the provision of RIBA CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Presentations that the Association has been providing for well over 25 years.

Galvanizers Association were founder members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and work closely with RIBA for new generations within the industry.


We currently offer two CPD seminars:

  1. Corrosion Protection of Steel by Hot Dip Galvanizing 
  2. Galvanizing and Sustainable Construction

Both CPDs can either be presented online or by an office visit.

RIBA CPD Key Benefits

  • It is approved by RIBA and recognised by RIAI (click here for more information on our RIAI CPD), so it counts towards your annual CPD points;
  • You learn about cost-effective corrosion protection with a proven record through case studies and case histories;
  • You learn how to specify galvanizing, which will save you time in the design process;
  • It is a free presentation;
  • Information packs and RIBA CPD certificates are provided;
  • More, we reimburse you for lunch time refreshments.


We think our CPDs are great, but don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials below:

“It was an informative and entertaining talk from <the presenter>.”
Mott MacDonald, February 2020

“The feedback from our team was extremely positive – was very informed and it was great to have such a technical and knowledgeable presenter.”
Eckersley O’Callaghan, May 2019

“The presentation was great, and has given us some food for thought for a few projects we are currently working on.”
Sweco UK Limited, April 2019

“Excellent event, all were impressed.”
Grindley Architects, February 2019

“[Gained a] deeper understanding of the galvanizing process and its benefits.”
MJA Consulting, Abingdon, December 2018

“<The presenter> was very competent, we enjoyed it.”
MRG Consulting Engineers, November 2018

“General knowledge on galvanizing steelwork – info provided clearly and well”
BakerHicks, Motherwell, November 2018

“(…)the CPD session was very interesting and its always great to have a speaker with such encyclopaedic knowledge of his or her subject.”
Crowther Overton-Hart, Steyning, October 2018

“Wanted an understanding of the galvanizing process, and information on the galvanizing finish on different materials. Very well presented by staff member. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and more!”
Wicksteed Leisure Ltd, Kettering, March 2018

“Good motivated speaker with vast knowledge on subject.”
AKSWard Limited, February 2018

“The speaker was extremely knowledgeable and happy to discuss our points of interest with us.”
Rise Structural Engineers Ltd, December 2017

“Useful information for specifying and understanding galvanizing.”
Mann Williams, November 2017

“Speaker was very enthusiastic and held our attention.”
Adam Architecture, March 2017

“One of the most informative and engaging CPDs we’ve had in a long time!”
Interface, March 2017

How to book a RIBA CPD with us

  • Click the button below and fill in the form.
  • A member of our team will be in touch shortly to arrange a date that suits your requirements.
  • Before booking the Sustainability CPD, we recommend you have the Corrosion Protection of Steel CPD, so that you develop a complete understanding of the hot dip galvanizing process.
  • If an office visit is not possible, there is always the possibility of having an online CPD with us.

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