Online Construction CPD

As a result of our initiative for galvanizing in sustainable construction we have developed an online version of our CPDs, using the latest technology to deliver the same high-quality presentations via the internet. We have endeavoured to keep our online presentations as interactive as receiving our normal ‘face-to-face’ presentations.

Like a ‘face-to-face’ CPD

Online Construction CPDThe presenter and the audience can communicate via webcam so that questions and issues raised during the presentation can be discussed in real time. Our aim with the online construction CPD is to keep to our traditional format of ‘face-to-face’ presentations i.e., you can still gather as a group within your meeting area and project an image of the presentation on a screen or wall, the only difference being that the actual interaction takes place via the internet using webcams.

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How to organise an online construction CPD 

In order to organise an online CPD with us, the only equipment that you would require is a reasonable internet connection and the ability to project an image from your computer onto a wall/screen. We can take care of the rest.

Reduce your CO2 footprint with an online CPD

As part of our sustainability initiative, GA is committed to reducing our own CO₂ footprint. By selecting the online CPD, whether it is the Building CPD on corrosion protection of steel, or the Galvanizing and Sustainable Construction CPD, together we are making a positive contribution for a sustainable environment.

Visit to find out how much saving can be made on a typical journey.

“Iqbal Johal of Galvanizers Association gave a brilliant CPD on galvanizing. In his own silken-tongued way, he managed to make a prosaic technology shine”.

Mark Taylor: Allies and Morrison

“Galvanizers Association gave a well-presented and professional CPD that really brought the subject to life. It was engaging for all the right reasons”.

Chris Hartiss: Squire and Partners

“Corrosion protection of steel by hot dip galvanizing. Merit for being not an obviously engaging subject but presented very well and in an interesting way”.

Cherry Harris: Edward Cullinan Architects